Specialists Are Now Teachers in myON

Previously, some myON users were Specialists, who could work with myON in more than one school. Now, all teachers can add students to their class from any school in the group once an administrator has assigned at least one student in that school to the teacher's class. Since this is now possible, Specialists in myON have been changed to teachers.

If your myON users and classes are set up to be automatically updated from your Student Information System, the change also means that teachers who were Specialists in the past can also be updated in this way. Previously, Specialists had to be added manually by administrators in myON; now that they are teachers, they can be automatically updated. To ensure that this will happen for teachers who were Specialists in the past, have each of these users follow the steps below:

  1. In myON, select your name; then, select User Info.
  2. In the SIS ID field, enter your ID as it appears in your Student Information System software (the source of the user and class information in myON). This will ensure that your user account in myON is matched to the account in the SIS so that updates can be made as needed.
  3. Select Save at the top of the page.