Review Student Results

On the Review Student Results page, you can see student scores and achievement by Lesson Plan, assignment or item type.

You can get to this page from the Reading Dashboard (on the Home page under Dashboards and Reporting).

Selecting the Assignments, Students, Time Period and Star Scale

To start, choose what you want to see:

  1. First, choose the assignments that you want to see.
  2. In the window that opens, you can choose which assignments you want to include in the view. Although you can choose assignments of more than one type and from more than one application, at this time, data will only be shown for Accelerated Reader Reading Practice, Literacy Skills and Vocabulary Practice Quizzes.

    Review the selected assignments at the top of the page. If you want to remove any, select the x as shown below.

    When you have finished selecting assignments that you want to see results for, select Apply.

  3. Next, choose the students for whom you want to view data.
  4. In the columns that open, find and choose the students whose data you want to see.

    School-network-level personnel (or the program administrator) will typically be asked to choose the school, teacher, class or group and then the students. School administrators and non-teaching staff are typically asked to choose a teacher, class or group and students. Teachers are typically asked to choose the class or group and students.

    In the last column, first choose whether to see data for all students in the class or to select the students. If you choose to select students, tick the box for each student that you want to include in the data.

    When you have finished, select Apply.

    The groups that are available are custom groups that you have added for Dashboards and Planner Trial.

    To add custom groups to the class (or to change groups that you have set up), select Manage Groups in the top right corner of the page.

    In the Classes and Groups column, you will see the class listed, and then each group for a class. For example, if Class A has custom groups set up named Blue Group and Green Group, you would see Class A listed alone, then Class A - Blue Group and Class A - Green Group.

  5. Next, choose the timeframe: the school year, the last 30 days, the last 7 days, the current marking period, today or custom dates.
  6. Marking periods are set up in Renaissance Place when administrators or non-teaching staff choose School Years on the Home page and then choose Add/Edit Marking Periods. The Review Student Results view only recognises marking periods that have the type set to "Marking Period" (not other types such as mini-terms).

    In the Review Student Results view, when you choose Marking Period as the time period, the software uses the current marking period that has the type set to Marking Period. If there is more than one, the software uses the first marking period in the list that fits the criteria.

    You cannot select Marking Period in the Review Student Results view if no school marking periods are set up in Renaissance Place.

    If you choose to see data for a custom date range, you can either type the start and end dates or select them from the calendars that open as you click in each field. You can select Clear dates (in the top right corner) to remove dates that you have entered or selected. When you have finished choosing the dates, select Continue (or Cancel if you decide not to use custom dates).

  7. The last drop-down list lets you choose the scale for the scores that are shown.
  8. Since Star data is not shown on the page at this time, and the scales do not affect the Accelerated Reader data that is shown, it does not matter which scale is selected.

Viewing Lesson Plan Data

In the Lesson Plans table, you can see data for Accelerated Reader quizzes (Reading Practice, Literacy Skills and Vocabulary Practice Quizzes). You will see one plan named "AR 360 Independent Practice". The start date is the beginning of the school year for these quizzes. For Assigned To, the table shows Whole Class. The Total Assignments column shows the number of quizzes the class has completed, and no value is shown under Skills Tested.

If you click the arrow next to "AR 360 Independent Practice", you can see the students in the selected class. If you want to see the status of student work for the plan, click the View link in the Actions column for either AR 360 Independent Practice or a student; then, select Track Student Work.

If you select a student's name, you can see a list of the quizzes the student has taken (including those from previous school years), the date of each (Last Action), the status (Complete for finished quizzes or In Progress for unfinished quizzes) and the scores for completed quizzes. (If you select the Complete status, you have the option to transfer a student's quiz record to another student if the quiz was taken with the wrong user name and password.) In the example below, Charles has completed four Reading Practice Quizzes, two Literacy Skills Quizzes, two Vocabulary Practice Quizzes and two Vocabulary Review Quizzes. These quizzes have been scored automatically. He has no unfinished Reading Practice Quizzes.

If you select "AR 360 Independent Practice" instead of expanding it as described above, you will see a list of the quizzes that students in the selected class have taken during this school year. You can select the arrow next to a quiz to list the students who have taken it. (If you click the student's name, you can see the student's score and status for the quiz and other quizzes.)

If you click the quiz name, you can then see the date of each student's quiz (last action) and each student's quiz score. (You can select a score and choose to transfer it to another student if necessary. Quizzes that are shown as In Progress are unfinished quizzes.)

Each time you click on a plan, quiz name or student's name, you will see a link just above the table on the new view that will take you back to the previous one.

You can click the heading of most columns in the views described below to sort the tables by that column.

Viewing Skills and Resources

To find resources to use for instruction for the selected students, select View Skills & Resources in the top-right corner of the page. (This button is not available if you have selected a group that was created in Star.)

You will go to Planner Trial, where you can choose skills and resources and preview them as needed.

For more information, click the help link (?) on the Planner Trial page that opens.

Generating a PDF of the Page to Print or Save

Click the PDF icon at the top of the page to generate a PDF file. You can then print or save the file.

Going Back

Select the graph icon at the top of the page to go back to the Navigator and choose a different view (such as Track Student Work).